denizdesonbulanayakizleri asked: Wow your writings are incredibly beautiful! I really like them!


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Anonymous asked: i really enjoy your blog ;-; you're awesome

Ah thank you!

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Anonymous asked: what i should do to forget someone who i really love, but broke my heart?

Don’t forget, but forgive

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Anonymous asked: What happens when they do start trying and I still haven't stopped....What do I do then?

I’m not too sure of what you’re talking about :(

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Anonymous asked: I've seen quotes from your drawings on other drawings. whats going on? lol

Some of them are from movies, so it’s most likely already on tumblr too.

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Anonymous asked: You should keep posting your poems. I love them.

thank you, i may start again soon x

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Anonymous asked: Everything you've written and posted, is everything I've ever felt.

it’s great that you can relate to what i write. I dont really post that much unfortunately because i feel like not many people can relate, so thank you :)

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screamingtothemoon asked: Your blog is flawless. I really love your writings.

aw thank you

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